ISB Smart Solutions has recently developed a new app in the hope of making waste collection much more efficient through the use of smart technology.

Traditional waste collection operations are a very inefficient method of removing weekly rubbish, with waste collectors often wasting resources collecting already empty bins or similarly missing overflowing bins due to their fixed routes. With these issues in mind, ISB Solutions have developed the Babel Bins app.

The Babel Bins app, which ‘lets the bins do the talking’, features the latest in bin hardware using ‘advanced and robust sensors, telecommunications and smart software solutions’; technology which measures waste levels and allows the app to record each bins ‘optimum collection time’. With this development in technology, the app can now record new routes based on the needs of the customer, and this in turn reduces logistic costs and maximises the load capacity of the waste trucks.

Other benefits of the app will mean greater customer service relations due to the success of the technology and convenience of the app, and ISB Smart Solutions claim that the introduction of Babel Bins will ultimately help to reduce carbon emissions dramatically as the collections are more specific to consumer needs.

The Babel Bins app, which ISB suggests is the first step towards the uberisation of waste collection, has recently been successfully piloted by numerous waste collection companies, so this already shows great signs of Babel Bins being the future of smart waste collection.

To learn more about the Babel Bins App and ISB Smart Solutions visit their website here.