A few weeks ago, the editor of Wareable, Paul Lamkin, embarked on the ambitious task of building a fully-fledged smart home from scratch – you can view the full article here. As part of his mission, he is writing a step-by-step diary reviewing his progress, unexpected complications, achievements, and advice for anyone thinking of doing the same.

Each week discusses a different element of home automation and smart technology from where to position signal inputs, how to bury Ethernet cables, and which home hub system to use. Now the foundations are in and the building is up, we’ve reached week ten and it’s time to turn our attention to smart locks.

During the decision process, Paul discussed the smart lock options with his wife saying: “They’re brilliant. You don’t need to bother with keys any more, they use wireless signals to open and you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket – it just knows you’re there!”

Paul commented: “I’m going to use the Yale Keyless system on my external office, at the end of the garden – once it’s built. That’s actually a great solution for me as I’ll always need my phone on me when I’m in there working, and I won’t have to bother taking a set of keys down the garden with me.”

The Yale Keyless grants users access using a remote fob, key card, key tag or PIN code as well as via a smartphone when connected to a smart hub system. It also integrates with Yale’s other Smart Living products as well as partners systems such as Samsung’s SmartThings. The touchscreen has a backlit keypad for easy use at night.

To keep up with Paul’s progression and read the full smart home diary, visit the Wareable website.