Electronics giant, Samsung, has filed a patent application to develop smart contact lenses. These will be complete with built-in sensors that let you control your smartphone with your eyes.

The lens is equipped with a miniature camera, built-in display, antennae and sensors that detect movement and blinking. For a truly augmented reality experience, the lens hopes to overlay and project images directly into the users’ eye line, take photographs discreetly and connect wirelessly to a smartphone.

If Samsung can make this technology a reality, the smart contact lenses could prove tough competition for products such as Google Glass.

Nevertheless, the existence of the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung is working on developing this product at this time. However, it is not the only company to show an interest in this type of eye-controlled technology.

Interestingly, Sony has also filed a patent for smart contact lenses, but unlike Samsung, these would have an internal storage unit and not rely solely on a smartphone for processing. Sony’s vision of its smart lens will also have video recording and playback capabilities, as well as the option to adjust the zoom, focus and aperture automatically. The contacts will only need to be worn on one eye, and can be switched on and off by closing your eyelids.