Recent statistics have shown that Brits have shared nearly 20 million spare keys with neighbours, friends, family and trade professionals, and subsequently lost track of them!*

With these worrying statistics coming to light, it’s important for us to think, who really has the keys to your home and what can we do to protect our properties? With the new Conexis L1, the key is the option to having no keys at all!

The Conexis L1 allows you to configure, control and unlock your Smart Door Lock from your smartphone via Yale’s secure Bluetooth app. There’s also the option of using Key Cards and Key Tags, and these can be shared with family and friends to give access for certain periods of time, and then simply revoke when necessary.

With keys being named the number one most commonly lost item for UK adults** the new smart benefits of the Conexis L1 means worrying about losing or misplacing keys can be all but a distant memory.

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*LV 2015

**The Money Advice Service 2016