With the launch of the Amazon Echo in the UK last week, the smart home revolution seems to be coming to the forefront, with Google going head-to-head with the electronic giant hinting at a release for their Google Home device.

Google has announced it will shortly launch its take on the smart home movement; simply called Google Home. The device is said to be able to respond to requests made by a human voice, including processing search enquiries and other everyday tasks.

Amazon is currently ahead in the smart home game with their Echo device, featuring Alexa the ‘digital assistant’ speech recognition service. The Echo, known as ‘smart speakers’, has the ability to connect to your home WiFi and responds to requests asking to read headlines aloud, play music from your song library and, if the home has other smart technology, can be linked to turn on the lights in your home. Priced at £149.99, the Echo is at the top of its game in terms of being an integral part of the new movement of ‘smart homes’, and its speech recognition technology is said to be head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in this market.

The Echo has already sold millions of units in the US and is set to sell 10 million more by the end of next year. Despite these impressive figures, Google has the opportunity to compete due to the tech giant already having a huge influence on our digital lives including through our emails, calendars and even our browser history; all information that could help make the device much more personal and ‘smarter’.

With the smart home movement still in its early stages, the question to ask is who will become the centrepiece in the smart home?


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