It’s clear that smart products are increasingly gaining popularity, but the majority of products on the market are targeted towards younger, tech-savvy consumers who are looking to purchase the most up to date technology. So, at this year’s CES, it was a surprise to see a new wave of smart tech products on offer – the introduction of ‘elderly tech’.

The ‘connected cane’, created by established French walking stick makers Fayet, demonstrates how ‘traditional’ brands are starting to take note of smart technology. This next generation walking stick is able to monitor users as they move, with the addition of an intelligent system that can pick up whether they’ve had a fall, and alert the necessary carer or family member.

The product is also fitted with special safety software that can record its owners’ walking habits and can alert family members and healthcare professionals if they change dramatically.

Other elderly related products at this years’ CES , include the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid created by Oticon. The product can communicate with doorbells and smoke detectors as a safety alert for the user and also has multiple speakers to aid better hearing.

CES also unveiled the ‘Yumii Cutii’ robot that has been created to offer companionship to the elderly. The product is said to improve seniors’ daily lives and well-being, as it can simplify their interactions with friends, families, caretakers and doctors.

The release of the new ‘elderly tech’ products have come at the perfect time, as researchers at CES recognise the growing presence of seniors at the show. The trend for health and wellbeing products becoming ‘smart’ has shown the adoption of modern technology within this sector, and we can expect to see continued growth in this market throughout 2017.

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