Mercedes-Benz has released its concept for a smart headlight system called ‘Digital Light’, which automatically adjusts car lights depending on the traffic conditions and environment. 

The new concept headlight has two million microscopic mirrors which have sensors and software to shine light beams on the road. This is designed to improve the driver’s visibility and potentially help to increase the safety of our roads. The great feature of the ‘Digital Light’ is the fact that the headlights are so precise that HD projections can shine on the roads in front of the driver and offer directions, ultimately replacing satellite navigation systems.

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the new concept suggesting they are the ‘first intelligent headlamp’ on the market. The product will eventually be made even ‘smarter’, as the system will be able to support the driver through communicating with other road users, providing additional safety when driving. Pedestrians will even be helped by the headlamps as it will help to project zebra crossings to make them more visible.

The ‘Digital Light’, aims to be a great aid for traffic safety and will hopefully lead to safer roads in the future.

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