Editor of Wareable.com, Paul Lamkin, has embarked on an ambitious task of making his new property a fully-fledged smart home – completely from scratch.

Paul bought a new three bedroom house, but it’s currently a building site and totally unliveable. As a result, he is using this opportunity to create a smart home from the ground up.

The first week of the blog outlines his plans and the state of his home at the beginning of the project. It’s week two when the blog comes into its own and discusses the trials and tribulations of creating a truly smart home. Each week will be updated with a new post, tackling a new area of development.

Week two, for example, focuses on the network setup. This is a crucial element of the smart home as it determines the connection speed of devices as well as where the tech products can be installed. Building the property allows Paul to forward plan exactly where he wants the cabling to be installed, with the bonus feature of being able to ensure all the cables are hidden within the structure and out of sight.

Paul will be detailing his progress in a weekly smart home diary on the Wareable website as the project continues to get underway.

To follow the full story week by week, visit the blog on the Wareable website.